05 June 2015

Liebherr material handler at Dunkerque Port equipped with Magna Super Solid tyres

At this ore and scrap metal transhipment port in Dunkerque, a Liebherr A954 Litronic Material Handler is equipped with 23.5-25 Magna Super Solid tyres.

The customer made the right choice by mounting Magna Super Solid tyres on this waste handling crane. This application requires tyres with optimal stability and high resistance against cuts and punctures. These tyres are mounted over 6 months ago and still running to the ful satisfaction of the customer.

23.5-25 Magna Super Solid recycling France (1)_small   23.5-25 Magna Super Solid recycling France (2)_small

Magna Super Solid tyres are of superior quality for the toughest applications on industrial vehicles with a high risk of impact and damage. These Super Solid tyres are stable, puncture resistant and maintenance-free with a high loading capacity for applications such as scrap yards, slag steel mills, glass works, dumping sites and waste site.

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