26 April 2019

16.00-25 Magna MB01 used on an Aircraft Pushback at Kuala-Lumpur airport

One of the largest airport in Malaysia , located in Kuala-Lumpur are using our 16.00-25 Magna MB01 tyres. These all cross ply constructed tyres are mounted on an Aircraft Pushback truck. Normally our Magna MB01 tyres are used for Port handling, but this customer is very satisfied with the impressive efficiency and durability provided by the premium quality Magna tyres that are mounted on an Aircraft Pushback truck. However, we will continue to monitor the tyres, we feel confident that they will achieve promising results.


The Magna MB01 is designed for use on RTG’s, Straddle-carriers, Reach stackers and Container handlers running in all-round port handling conditions. Protection of the sidewall and optimal flotation are enhanced bu the wide shoulder design. The tread compound provides excellent performance against cutting and abrasion.

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