19 July 2019

First weeks after fitment of 40.00R57 MA04+C GIANTS at an open pit thermal coal mine in Australia NSW

4 x 40.00R57 MA04+C Giant tyres with applicable heat compound rubber have been fitted to the rear of a rigid dump truck at an open pit thermal coal mine in Australia, New South Wales. They have been running for just over two weeks and the tyres are looking good. Outstanding tyres are essential for the transport of huge amounts of coal to cover the total haul distance from the pit to the dump area without any downtime or failures. Due to Magna's proven track record regarding premium quality GIANT tyres, this client has decided to work with Magna and now benefits from increased productivity and reducing operating costs. The tyres are fully serviced and monitored by Marathon Tyres with the headquarters at Newcastle NSW.

The all steel radial constructed tyres especially designed for coal applications are extremely suitable for the severe conditions in which they are used. The deep aggressive E4 tread pattern and excellent resistance to sidewall damages makes this GIANT tyres extremely durable. World class tyres in combination with regular tyre inspections and frequent follow-ups makes Magna Tyres the preferred supplier for this customer.

Magna MA04+C Giant

The MA04+C GIANT is designed for rigid dump trucks operating in coal applications. This tyre provides excellent resistance to damage due to improved shoulder and sidewall protection ans is also available in various compounds.

  • The deep aggressive E4 pattern provides traction and long tread life
  • All steel radial construction, improved protector plies optimize load performance and operator comfort
  • New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tyre


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