30 December 2019

Impressive results from our 26.5R25 Magna M-Terrain tyres in a liming company in Germany

We went to Germany for a technical site visit and to check the 26.5R25 Magna M-Terrain tyres this customer is using. Together with the customer we did the technical check of the tyres to search for performance improvement. The customer greatly appreciates this collaboration and this is one of the many reasons why he has chosen for Magna Tyres Group. The tyres have run for more than 2000 hours and with 42 mm tread depth which is impressive. 

The E4/L4 profile on the tyre is extremely suitable for the conditions in which they are used. The rough terrain has proven to be no challenge for the 26.5R25 Magna M-Terrain tyres. The client is impressed with the toughness and the efficiency of the tyres. Not only will they have tyres that are more durable, they are also looking at a reduction in costs per hour to operate the trucks.

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