The Magna MB410 had a modified tread pattern for excellent traction and flotation in soft underfoot conditions. The Magna MB410 improves stability and side impact resistance, increase tread life and off-road traction.

The tread design is optimized with self-cleaning mud breakers with a wear and cut resistant compound. Reinforced sidewall and strong nylon casing provide improved resistance to road hazards and extend tyre life.

Magna MB410

The deep tread and special traction pattern improves performance in demanding off-road conditions


All cross ply construction with an improved load performance and enhanced operator comfort

Improved technology

New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build up inside the tyre

Renkaan koko Kuvio Kerrosluokitus TT/TL Enimmäismatka tunnissa Kuormitus-/nopeusindeksi Yksittäinen enimmäiskuormituspaine Vanne Kokonaishalkaisija Section width (mm) Urasyvyys
17.5L-24 MB410 12 TL 40 146A8 IND 2995 kg/ 2.6 bar 15.00 1241 445 26.5
19.5L-24 MB410 12 TL 40 151A8 IND 3450 kg/ 2.3 bar 17.00 1314 495 29.5
18.4-26 MB410 12 TL 40 156A8 IND 4000 kg/ 2.5 bar 16.00 1426 467 29
16.9-24 MB410 14 TL 40 151A8 IND 3450 kg/ 2.9 bar 15.00 1309 429 26
16.9-28 MB410 14 TL 40 142A8 IND 2687 kg/ 2.7 bar 15.00 1410 429 28

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