The Magna MA902 is designed to perform in extreme environments where good ride quality is required including scrap metal recycling centres, waste transfer stations and slag steel mills.

Magna Super Solid tyres are of a superior quality, designed for the toughest uses on industrial vehicles with a risk of impact and damage. The steel wheels are engineered to handle overloads, excessive torque, severe sheer and bending stress.


These Super Solid tyres are stable, puncture resistant and maintenance-free.

Magna MA902

High loading capacity for forklift trucks and other industrial applications.

New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build up inside the tyre.

Renkaan koko Kuvio Enimmäismatka tunnissa Yksittäinen enimmäiskuormitus - 25 km/h Vanne Kokonaishalkaisija Section width (mm) Renkaan paino
20.5-25 MA902 25 10500 17.00 1500 510 795
23.5-25 MA902 25 11500 19.50 1620 590 1085
26.5-25 MA902 25 16000 22.00 1720 650 1380

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