16 February 2023

We are very proud to announce that Magna Tyres is officially recognised as a CROHO Certified educational workplace for internships! At Magna Tyres, we feel it is a shared duty to invest in the next generation. As a business, we know that attracting and educating top talent is essential to maintaining success. Not only does that mean keeping your employees happy and productive, but it also means investing in students and preparing them for their careers.

Magna Tyres values that students bring insights into how to develop as a company, and has therefore become actively involved in supporting students in starting their careers by offering work placements and internships. As of now, we are also registered in the Dutch register for recognised training companies with ID number 100406075.


Centraal Register Opleidingen Hoger Onderwijs (CROHO) is a register of companies that wish to provide quality education and training to their interns, either through participation in education-partnerships or as an employer organisation. CROHO’s goal is to continue to develop and increase the quality of education through its members. This perfectly suits our vision in a shared duty of educating the next generation of working professionals and we are proud to cooperate and contribute to such an initiative.

Do you wish to learn more about what Magna Tyres can offer in your work-placement? Send an email to work@magnatyres.com or visit stagemarkt.nl and search for Magna Tyres.

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