12 September 2019

Magna Tyres Group has been awared with an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status!

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded with an AEO certificate and that we now have an official AEO-License. The AEO-C Certificate is a certificate issued by Customs to companies that operate internationally. An AEO certificate offers companies advantages in international trade, e.g. they are less strictly controlled in cross-border trade which reduces delays at borders. In order to obtain the status of an AEO, a company must meet a number of safety criteria. There are currently 7.385 companies in Europe with this certificate, of which 1.558 in the Netherlands.

Gaining an AEO accreditation is an important milestone for us and one that we're very proud of! Well done to our team who has been working very hard to achieve this over the past months. 


Advantages AEO certificate

  • Exemption from certain guarantees that we currently have in Customs as  »dead money »
  • Less frequent checks
  • Giving priority to check over  goods destined for a non-AEO company
  • Receiving a notification when an inspection is initiated
  • Simplifications for the purpose of storage 

More information?

For more information regarding this article please contact marketing@magnatyres.com 

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