The Magna MSO-2 is an all position tyre optimized for off-road applications such as mud and sand at rough conditions.

Wide tread and open shoulder blocks contribute to optimal traction for mixed on-/off road use.


The tread design provides excellent traction.

All steel radial construction. Improved protector plies optimize load performance and operator comfort

New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build up inside the tyre

타이어 크기 패턴 플라이 레이팅(플라이 수) TT/TL 최대 속도(km/h) 하중지수/속도 표시 단륜 최대 하중/압력 복륜 최대 하중 압력 전체 외경(mm) Section width (mm) 트레드 깊이(mm) 타이어 중량(kg)
12.00R20 MSO-2 20 TT 60 156/153C 4000 3650 8.3 8.5 1136 315 25.5 82
12.00R24 MSO-2 18 TT 80 158/155F 4250 3875 8.3 8.5 1238 315 32 99
12.00R24 MSO-2 20 TT 60 160/157C 4500 4125 9.0 8.5 1238 315 32 99

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