Made in Holland


Industrial design and Dutch quality come together in the Magna ‘Made in Holland’ tyre range. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and trading premium quality rubber compounds, Magna Tyres Group started with the production of Magna tyres in their Dutch production facility, based in the eastern part of The Netherlands.

We brought the production of these tyres back to our home country to keep up with the fast growing demand of the premium quality Magna brand. By developing and producing the most popular tyres/ sizes in our state-of-the-art production facility in The Netherlands, we promise our customers:

  • 100% Dutch Quality
  • Premium Quality rubber compound
  • Fast delivery due to local stock

Magna MA01 E3/L3

The Magna MA01 off-the-road radial features an aggressive self-cleaning tread design, engineered to deliver a smooth ride and superior traction on all types of terrain

The Magna MA01 includes an enhanced rubber compound that offers excellent wear and improved resistance to punctures. The tread is designed for use on wheel loaders, dozers, scrapers, graders and articulated dump trucks.

Sizes: 17.5R25 - 20.5R25

Magna MA02 E3/L3

This tyre pattern is ideally suited to higher speed applications operating on a wide variety of surfaces. This E3-tyre pattern is designed for use on wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, scrapers, graders and dozers.

The Magna MA02 has an excellent traction in all off-road applications with thick under tread for improved puncture resistance. The special tread compound that is used for this tyre is wear and cut-resistant to increase the productivity and to reduce operating costs.

Sizes: 23.5R25 - 26.5R25 - 29.5R25

Magna M-Terrain E4/L4

The Magna M-Terrain is an E4/L4 pattern tyre for all terrain, with excellent traction and safety characteristics. The self-cleaning and sturdy deep tread of the Magna M-Terrain extends longevity and reduces the long-term operating costs.

An exceptionally sturdy casing makes the Magna M-Terrain a long-lasting tyre, in even the most demanding conditions.

Sizes: 20.5R25 - 26.5R25 - 29.5R25

M-Snow L2/G2

The Magna M-Snow is designed for use on loaders and graders running on slippery surfaces, such as mud and snow, where optimized traction is required. Its unique winter compound vouches for excellent traction in mud and on snow and ice.

Its zigzag tread pattern design offers favourable skid-resistance. The open tread pattern in the shoulders of the tyres vouches for ample self-cleaning in the snow and mud.

Sizes: 20.5R25

Magna AG23 E7

The Magna AG23 is a flotation tyre designed especially for agricultural trucks and trailers. This tyre pattern has excellent mud-despelling and drainage properties on muddy and soft surfaces.

The Magna AG23 offers excellent grip performance, as well as favorable traction a high flotation range. This tyre offers excellent road performance, prioritizing both comfort and self-cleaning properties. Its low rolling resistance contributes to reduced fuel consumption.

Sizes: 24R20.5

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