07 February 2020

Magna Tyres Group expands its team to fulfill immense tyre demand on North American market

Barely 1 year after Magna Tyres Group successfully launched its offices on the North American continent, the brand presence is growing significantly and the demand for Magna tires is rising rapidly. The results in terms of sales, market share and a loyal customer base are in line with the stated long-term vision and will increase even further in the upcoming years.

“Since last year, a large part of the USA/Canada industry was introduced to the Magna brand. We have shown what we are capable of as the largest 2nd tier tire manufacturer, resulting in a continuous growing
customer base and a number of valuable partnerships. This year we will continue to roll out our successful strategy and strengthen the Magna footprint across the North American continent” according Magna Tyres Group.

In order to achieve an even bigger coverage within the USA/Canada, we are pleased to announce that 2 new staff members have been appointed and will join the USA/Canada team.

Andy Luu 

As of 1 January 2020, Andy Luu joined Magna Tyres Canada as Logistics Manager. Mr Luu has years of experience in the supply chain industry, with previous positions at multiple leading companies. He intends to use his experience to look at how further improvements can be made in the supply chain for Magna Tyres in Canada. Luu will be responsible for coordinating and managing movements, in an effort to streamline activity and improve customer service.

J.D. Lewis 

Lewis has over 12 years’ experience within the tire industry and has worked for various renowned tyre companies including several A-Brands. With years of experience, knowledge of the market and extensive network in the USA he will give a boost to the already strong presence of the Magna brand. In the position as sales manager, Lewis will be responsible for developing new business, increasing sales and productivity within the scope of market capabilities. Lewis will enter service immediately and his field of operation will include the western part of the USA.

Magna Tyres Canada Ltd.

In the past year Magna Tyres Group has been growing on the Canadian tire market, providing our customers with premium quality tyres; however the demands of our clients are rising. As of 1 March, Magna Tyres Canada will be relocating to a new office. Only operational for a year from the current office in Ontario, but already grown to such an extent that a relocation to Markham is necessary. With both the company and demand for our tires increasing there was a need for expansion of both office and warehousing operations.

This new office reflects Magna’s long-term commitment to our current and potential customer base. This investment has been taken to grow sustainably and significantly increase our market share. It will further strengthen our commitment to all customers in the region and is an opportunity for close daily cooperation.

New Address:
100 Allstate Parkway #503
Markham, ON L3R 6H3

More information & Media contact 

For more information regarding this press release, please contact Magna Tyres Group, marketing@magnatyres.com 

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