16 October 2020

Magna Tyres Group launches portal for EU market!

Magna Tyres Group is very proud to announce the launch of a brand new tool:


The launch of the Magna Tyres Portal is the starting signal for a campaign to respond to the current market developments as well as the dealers’ need for an online platform that covers the entire process from providing information to ordering tyres.

In recent years a very extensive dealer network has been built up all over the world. The demand for an online platform with 24/7 access to both the range of products and extra supplies has grown. Magna Tyres Group started to roll this out and developed a world class system, tailored to the needs of the market. As result, Magna Tyres Group will be able to quickly assist dealers and offer them comprehensive choice and the very best service.

A topic to highlight is the online access to a wide range of digital assets for partner use: product & technical documentation, marketing materials and much more content is now all readily available for download.


The portal will initially only be accessible to users in Europe, but preparations have already been made to quickly roll out the portal in other continents as well. The main reason for this step-by-step introduction are the continent specific adaptations such as local stocks.

Magna Tyres Group is convinced that the portal will be a great success and a valuable addition to the current way of service. A select group of renowned dealers have already become acquainted with the new platform and the first feedback from this users is encouraging. The further implementation and development of the portal are major projects of Magna Tyres Group which are planned for the upcoming period.

Magna Tyres Portal

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