28 May 2020


After years of research and hours of technical analysis, Magna Tyres managed to launch its first ever “3 star” rigid dump truck tyre. The 24.00R35 has been added to the Magna MA04+ line-up and will be available in the 3*** version in addition to the already existing ** version. The potential of this latest acquisition is tremendous  and will be the first step in the upgraded generation Magna RDT tyres.

Since its introduction, the Magna MA04+ has provided many dump trucks worldwide with top-class performances and moved countless loads of raw materials. The proven tread pattern turned out to be a great basis for the further development of the upgraded MA04+ range.

The next level Magna MA04+ ensures customers a stronger tyre, with more rubber in the contact patch, better and additional steel liner which will result in an increased load capacity. It allows mining operators to increase their productivity and continuity of their earthmoving operations.

Converted into practical terms, this upgrade equals a 8% higher payload or an increase of 9.000 kilo’s in load capacity per dump truck. Translated to the number of cycles made daily; a huge increase in productivity!


The first production of this tyre will be completed in July 2020. Initially produced in the 24.00R35 size but preparations have already been made to bring the other RDT sizes of the MA04+ in the 3*** rating on the market in the near future. 

Curious about the possibilities for your Rigid dump truck, the availability, or do you want to be sure to have this tyre on your mining site immediately?  Let us know and our tyre experts will be happy to advise you about this unique tyre.

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