The Magna MB210 is a tough grader tyre design, developed specifically to withstand rough terrain. Its massive lugs are reinforced and connected to a particularly thick centre tread rubber belt. The directional pattern design provides high traction.

The Magna MB210’s design renders the tyre highly suitable for long-term service in tough conditions. Applicable on soft, muddy and sandy terrain, this tyre offers both excellent self-cleaning and traction performance.

Magna MB210

Enhanced performance due to nondirectional traction tread pattern with excellent self cleaning properties.


All cross ply construction with an improved load performance and enhanced operator comfort

Improved technology

New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build up inside the tyre

Formaat Patroon Ply rating TT/TL Max speed Load speed index Single max load pressure Rim Overall diameter (mm) Section width (mm) Tread depth (mm)
13.00-24 MB210 12 TL 40 143A2 2725 kg/ 3.0 bar 8.00TG 1280 335 25
13.00-24 MB210 12 TL 10 168A2 5600 kg/ 4.5 bar 8.00TG 1280 335 25
14.00-24 MB210 16 TL 40 153A2 3650 kg/ 3.5 bar 8.00TG 1350 360 28.5
14.00-24 MB210 16 TL 10 177A2 7300 kg/ 5.5 bar 8.00TG 1350 360 28.5
16.00-24 MB210 16 TL 40 160A 4500 kg/ 3.0 bar 10.00VA 1460 435 29
16.00-24 MB210 16 TL 10 181A2 8250 kg/ 4.25 bar 10.00VA 1460 435 29


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