The Magna MA608 Super Soild twin wheels is an engineered solid tyre solution specifically designed for mobile excavators with a massive non directional tread pattern. The Magna MA608 maximizes stability and ride quality, also it improves durability and traction.

This tyre pattern enhances tread cleanout for better traction on softer surfaces. It is the ideal solution for mobile excavators working in industrial situations. The solid base of the tyres ensures optimal puncture-resistance. The large contact area reduces tyre stress and uneven wear for maximum durability.


Excellent machine stability and maximum safety due to high stiffness and low vertical deflection of the solid tyres.

Magna MA608

3 stage technology of premium quality rubber tread + cushion + FRRC base reinforced by steel cords.

Magna MA608

Innovative tread design for maximum traction in every condition,

Formaat Patroon Max speed Single max load 25kmh Single max load 10kmh Single max load 6kmh Single max load static Rim Overall diameter (mm) Section width (mm) Tyre weight Total weight of set
10.00-20 MA608 25 5000 5450 6000 7500 7.00/7.50 1073 252 155 477
12.00-20 MA608 25 6300 6870 7560 9150 8.00/8.50 1146 290 200 569
12.00-24 MA608 25 6700 7300 8040 9675 8.50 1247 309 298 801
14.00-24 MA608 25 9250 10080 11100 13800 10.00 1320 340 393 1041


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