This tyre pattern is ideally suited to higher speed applications operating on a wide variety of surfaces. This E3- tyre pattern is designed for use on wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, scrapers, graders and dozers.

The Magna MA02 has an excellent traction in all off-road applications with thick undertread for improved puncture resistance. The special tread compound that is used for this tyre is wear and cut-resistant to increase the productivity and to reduce operating costs.

  • Super low section and wide running surface for good stability
  • Good self – cleaning
  • Wide flat footprint profile for maximum stability and wear
Magna MA02 Front

Improved traction and performance through non-directional E3+/L3+ tread


All steel radial construction. Improved protector plies optimize load performance and operator comfort.

Improved technology

New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat buildup inside the tyre.

Formaat Patroon Laad symbool TRA code Max speed Load speed index Single max load pressure Rim Overall diameter (mm) Section width (mm) Tread depth (mm) Tyre weight
23.5R25 MA02 ** E3+ 50 185B 9250 kg/ 5.0 bar 19.50/2.5 1626 610 41 350
23.5R25 MA02 ** L3+ 10 201A2 14500 kg/ 6.5 bar 19.50/2.5 1626 610 41 350
26.5R25 MA02 ** E3+ 50 193B 11500 kg/ 5.0 bar 22.00/3.0 1754 695 41 449
26.5R25 MA02 ** L3+ 10 209A2 18450 kg/ 6.5 bar 22.00/3.0 1754 695 41 449
29.5R25 MA02 ** E3+ 50 200B 13950 kg/ 5.0 bar 25.00/3.5 1868 748 44 597
29.5R25 MA02 ** L3+ 10 216A2 22350 kg/ 6.5 bar 25.00/3.5 1868 748 44 597


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