The Magna MA05S is designed for equipment operating in highly abrasive material environments where maximum protection from penetration and cuts is needed, for example in difficult mining conditions.

The extremely deep and smooth tread of the MA05S provides an outstanding defence against shock ruptures and accidental damage. The specialized mining compound is used for increased cut- and impact-resistance.

  • Extra-deep L5S design provides best resistance to wear and cutting and lowers operating costs
  • Reinforced bead, shoulder, and sidewall for increased cut resistance
  • Deep under-tread for improved puncture resistance
Magna MA05S

Smooth pattern to exclude trapping of rocks or tear chunks


All steel radial construction. Improved protector plies optimize load performance and operator comfort

Improved technology

New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tyre

Formaat Patroon Laad symbool TRA code Max speed Load speed index Single max load pressure Rim Overall diameter (mm) Section width (mm) Tread depth (mm) Tyre weight
17.5R25 MA05S ** L5S 10 182A2 8500 kg/ 6.5 bar 14.00/1.5 1400 445 66 302
18.00R25 MA05S ** L5S 10 206A2 17000 kg/ 8.25 bar 13.00/2.5 1675 500 82 478
26.5R25 MA05S ** L5S 10 209A2 18500 kg/ 6.5 bar 22.00/3.0 1800 675 94 801
29.5R25 MA05S ** L5S 10 216A2 22400 kg/ 6.5 bar 25.00/3.5 1921 750 100 961
29.5R29 MA05S ** L5S 10 218A2 23600 kg/ 6.5 bar 25.00/3.5 2023 750 100 1007


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