The Magna M-Snow is designed for use on loaders and graders running on slippery surfaces, such as mud and snow, where optimized traction is required. Its unique winter compound vouches for excellent traction in mud and on snow and ice.

Its zigzag tread pattern design offers favourable skid-resistance. The open tread pattern in the shoulder of the tyres vouches for ample self-cleaning in the snow and mud.

Magna M-Snow

Open and self cleaning tread pattern with separate tread blocks and multiple sipes for excellent traction


All steel radial construction. Improved protector plies optimize load performance and operator comfort

Improved technology

New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tyre

Formaat Patroon Laad symbool TRA code Max speed Load speed index Single max load pressure Rim Overall diameter (mm) Section width (mm) Tread depth (mm) Tyre weight
17.5R25 M-Snow * G2 40 153A8 3650 kg/ 3.0 bar 14.00/1.5 1350 445 28 155
17.5R25 M-Snow ** L2 10 182A2 8500 kg/ 6.5 bar 14.00/1.5 1350 445 28 155
20.5R25 M-Snow * G2 40 161A8 4625 kg/ 3.0 bar 17.00/2.0 1490 520 32 225
20.5R25 M-Snow ** L2 10 193A2 11500 kg/ 6.5 bar 17.00/2.0 1490 520 32 225
23.5R25 M-Snow * G2 40 170A8 6000 kg/ 3.0 bar 19.50/2.5 1615 595 34 T.B.A.
23.5R25 M-Snow ** L2 10 201A2 14500 kg/ 6.5 bar 19.50/2.5 1615 595 34 T.B.A.


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