Magna Tyres Poland organized another meeting with the key customers of our company

In January we held an excellent first meeting with the key customers of our company in Bukovina. After this great success we decided to organize another technical tyre training and integration meeting, this was last week. For this event we invited our clients form Central and Eastern Poland to the beautiful Hotel Biskupi in Janow Podlaski. During the official part we shared the latest achievements within Magna Tyres Group, after the official part we organized some magnificent activities with our partner Travel Concierge. Our key customers had the opportunity to visit the oldest Arabian studs in the world. These Arabian horses are very unique because of the breeding program.

Group of Arabian horses
Hotel Biskupi in Janow Podlaski

Different activities

Later that day we arranged some other activities, all our key customers could experience horseback riding, quad riding and they took part in shooting and archery activities. The biggest surprise of the day was a balloon flight. The balloon flight has provided everyone with unforgettable memories. Maybe in the future we have our own Magna Tyres balloon. What do you think about that?

Key customers during horseback riding

Some great meetings at the end of the day

Everybody spent the rest of the evening with great meetings and conversations. We ended the day with a nice barbecue. Everybody emphasized the necessity of such periodic meetings or events. Our key customers gave us some compliments for the organization and we be sure that this event has strengthen our relationship and mutual trust. We would like to thanks those who came of for the time they spent together. Stay with us en be part of Magna Tyres Group!

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