The Magna MB100 was specifically engineered for mobile excavators in construction applications.  Its self-cleaning open tread with mud breakers makes for increased traction. The centreline tread tie bars reduce vibration during on-road driving.

The Magna MB100 offers both favourable stability and wear resistance. Its extra deep tread and nylon carcass provide puncture resistance during heavy duty applications.

Magna MB100

Enhanced performance due to aggressive traction pattern with excellent self cleaning properties.


All cross ply construction with an improved load performance and enhanced operator comfort.

Improved technology

New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build up inside the tyre.

Rozmiar Wzór Bieżnika PR TT/TL Max. Prędkość [km/h] Nośność / indeks prędkości Max. Nośność / ciśnienie Felga Średnica Zewnętrzna Section width (mm) Głębokość bieżnika
10.00-20 MB100 16 TL 50 146B 3000 kg/ 7.5 bar 7.5 1055 278 22

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