The Magna MA02 Scraper is a durable and aggressive E3 tyre for medium-powered scrapers that requires high traction force during the most demanding jobs.

The open-tread design of the Magna MA02 Scraper allows the tyre to grip, even the most difficult surfaces. The addition of rubber helps to optimize the life of the tyre for prolonged use, even in the most intensive conditions.

  • Protection against shocks, cuts and punctures is guaranteed by the combination of sturdy square shoulders and reinforced flanks
  • Good resistance to aggression
  • Extended longevity
Magna MA02 Scraper

Improved traction and performance through non-directional E3 tread pattern


All steel radial construction. Improved protector plies optimize load performance and operator comfort

Improved technology

New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tyre

Rozmiar Wzór Bieżnika Indeks Nośności Kod TRA Max. Prędkość [km/h] Nośność / indeks prędkości Max. Nośność / ciśnienie Felga Średnica Zewnętrzna Section width (mm) Głębokość bieżnika Waga opony
29.5R29 MA02 Scraper ** E3+ 50 202B 15000 kg/ 5.25 bar 25.00 1990 770 50 758
33.25R29 MA02 Scraper ** E3+ 50 209B 18500 kg/ 5.25 bar 27.00 2060 920 45 872
37.25R35 MA02 Scraper ** E3+ 50 218B 23600 kg/ 5.25 bar 31.00 2360 945 47 1213

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