This range of tyres is especially designed for the most severe applications in scrap yards, glass works and dumping sites. For industrial handling activities, Magna Tyres offers a wide range of super solid tyres.


Solid tyres are often used in industrial applications such as scrap yards and glass works, which have the purpose to collect and convert waste metals into scrap that can be reused. These industrial environments play a vital role in the proper use of natural resources.

Tyres in these situations must be extremely stable, puncture-resistant and maintenance-free, giving them a long service life. Machines in industrial applications operate in environments where there is a high risk of impact and damage. The reliable solid tyres are suitable for light- and heavy industrial equipment. At Magna Tyres we specifically designed industrial tyres for industrial applications to meet all the requirements of safety and productivity. Solid tyres operate on sites where any kind of liquid tends to spill on the floor. Even exposure to water will subject a tyre to more wear than a dry site. Scrap metal and debris also form a risk. These materials can puncture and tear the tread and sidewalls. It is important to select the right tyre for the job. The Magna Tyres tyre range includes different sizes such as 17.5-25 and 23.5-25, but we have a solution for every tyre.

At this moment, our solid tyres can be mounted under several industrial handling equipment such as loaders. Our tyres have found their way into scrap yards and they support scrap handling all the way round in the never-ending recycling business. Loaders will help you collect, load, transport, sort, reload and handle scrap and turn it in to new resources. In addition, forklifts and mobile excavators meet the requirements for our solid tyres. For mobile excavators we especially designed a twin wheel which enhances better traction on softer surfaces. It is the ideal solution for machines working in industrial situations.

Magna Tyres’ tyres are recognised by big players all over the world. We understand the demanding call for the larger tyres and are always willing to help our customers to provide the right solid tyres for the right application and machine.

About Magna Tyres Group

Magna Tyres is a Dutch tyre manufacturer of quality industrial tyres for the most demanding applications such as solid tyres for industrial environment. In a very short period of time, we have become an established player in the tyre market, with a loyal customer base, an extensive dealer network and leading OEMs in 130 countries. All our customers are served by the 250 employees spread across 15 offices worldwide.

Magna Tyres has almost four decades of experience in manufacturing and trading premium quality rubber compounds. From this experience, Magna Tyres started developing high quality tyres. The combination of innovative European engineered technology and in-depth knowledge guarantees high standard products and service. The formula for success? Listening to the demand from the market and responding to it with tyres that offer the lowest cost per hour. We know exactly what drives our customers and we embrace every opportunity to get you going and get the job done.

Industrial Handling Tyres Brochure

Industrial Handling Tyres Brochure

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