The Magna M-RIGID is a premium quality E4-tyre for rigid dump trucks. The full-depth tread blocks and innovative self-cooling design improve the performance of the Magna M-RIGID in all conditions and all stages of the long life of the tyre.

The weight also reduce cut-outs on the tread blocks and lugs, reduces heat build-up and improves tyre life. The circumferential groove in the tread pattern improves the steering control for enhanced heavy-load cornering performance and improved heat dissipation.

  • A self-cleaning longer lasting tyre
  • Thicker under-tread, stronger working piles and stronger protection piles
  • Improved environmental sustainability

The deep non-directional E4 tread pattern provides excellent traction & protection against cuts and damages


All steel radial construction with an optimized load performance and operator comfort.

The new improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tyre.

Tamanho do pneu Padrão Símbolo de Carga Código Tra Velocidade Máx (km/h) Índice de Carga/Velocidade Carga/pressão máx. individual Aro Diâmetro Total Section width (mm) Profundidade do piso Largura do Pneu Tonelada-quilómetro por hora Tonelada-quilómetro por hora TKPH ST Tonelada-quilómetro por hora Tonelada-quilómetro por hora
27.00R49 M-RIGID ** E4 50 223B 27250 kg / 6.5 bar 19.50/4.0 2690 740 82 1600 392 465 500 535 625
33.00R51 M-RIGID ** E4 50 235B 38750 kg / 6.5 bar 24.00/5.0 3030 920 95 2341 431 496 565 634 724
40.00R57 M-RIGID ** E4 50 250B 60000 kg / 7.25 bar 29.00/6.0 3560 1130 99 3830 631 750 805 860 1006

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