Product development and R&D

Product development by our R&D department is constantly at the top of our priorities, by:

1) continuously improving our existing tyre range,

2) continuously converting customer demand into new successful tyres.

By using European technology and a premium quality compound our team is always able to come up with the right solutions our customers demand, and enabled us to become the fastest growing OTR company worldwide.

Magna Tyres Product Development

Every (1) product improvement or (2) new product starts with an idea on which our R&D department develops an architecture and design. This design is tested and afterwards prepared for release management. In this phase everyone who works with Magna Tyres products is informed, and is provided with product information, marketing and training. Afterwards the product is released and we start to collect data by testing and requesting feedback from end-users. This is a continuous process as we are continuously trying to improve our Tyre Range to guarantee the quality tyres Magna Tyres' customers expect.

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