Quality Management and Control

To offer Magna Tyres' customers the quality they are used to, an extensive quality policy has been set up. Additionally our Quality Management and control processes are extensively documented in order to continuously improve our products.

Quality Management

To achieve the desired quality we maintain a 6-step quality management approach. 

  1. First we identify the requirements
  2. We design and develop a tyre which meets the requirements as defined in step 1
  3. The design gets validated by product development, R&D department and directors and we start working towards product launch
  4. Production starts
  5. The Tyre performance is constantly monitored by on site tests and collection of customer feedback
  6. This cycle is constantly repeated since we continuously want to improve

Quality Control & Continuous Improvement

In order to continuously improve our Tyre Range we implemented a Quality Control process. 

  1. First a quality improvement should be created, this can be done by either the sales department, R&D department or one of the directors. Customers are able to provide their input through their personal contact person;
  2. A Quality "order" is created containing all the information required to evaluate the performance;
  3. Our existing performance database is consulted;
  4. Non-conformances are quickly detected;
  5. Correlation of the non-conformance and improvement are investigated;
  6. If the improvement is accepted in the previous step, it gets documented and transferred to the stakeholders;
  7. Correction Handling is being carried out.

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