08 November 2019

A platinum mine operator in South Africa is running 27.00R49 Magna MA04+ Giant on their fleet

This large platinum mine operator selected 27.00R49 Magna MA04+ Giants on their fleet and to serve their Rigid Dump trucks. The tyres are charged with the heavy task of transporting huge amounts of rocks and dirt.

In order to an extended tyre lifetime, this customer decided to select the standard compound recommended by the Magna tyre specialist. Despite the rough circumstances, the Magna Giants show great drive stability and outstanding traction in the fluctuating climate. So far the numbers of working hours achieved, related to the initial purchase prices has led to a favorable cost of ownership, according to the managing director.

Magna MA04+ Giant 

The Magna MA04+ Giant is an all steel radial constructed tyre designed for Rigid Dump trucks operating in severe off-road conditions. It provides excellent resistance to damage due to improved shoulder and sidewall protection and is also available in various compounds including (A) cut-resistant, (B) Heat-resistant and (S) Standard. The deep aggressive E4 tread pattern provides excellent traction and a long tread life.

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