06 June 2019

We had an excellent technical site visit in the Philippines

We went to the Philippines for a technical site visit and to check the Magna OTR tyres this customer is using. Together with the customer we did the technical check of the tyres to search for performance improvement. The customer greatly appreciates this collaboration and this is one of the many reasons why he has chosen for Magna Tyres Group. They are using our 29.5R25 Magna M-Terrain and the 35/65R33 Magna MA07+ for their mining operations. They are already using Magna tyres for more than 2 years and these tyres are charged with the heavy task of transporting huge amounts dirt and rocks. Magna Tyres Group will continuing to monitor the performance and is sure to continue this collaboration in the future.


The Magna Ma07+ is designed for use on wheel loaders, dozers and underground tranpsort. Medium lug, cut resistant compound and reinforced crown ans sidewall. The aggressive L5 non-directional tread pattern provides superior traction.


The Magna M-Terrain is designed for articulated dump truck in challenging off-road conditions. sidewall protection and flotation are enhanced by the wide shoulder design. The E4 non-directional tread provides excellent traction.

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