The Magna MA09+ is a radial OTR tyre specifically engineered for rigid dumpers and haul trucks in mining situations. The huge tread blocks help improve the tyre’s a road-holding and cut-resistance. The wide horizontal groove improves heat dispersion and self-cleaning.

The distinctive tread design of the Magna MA09+ provides outstanding traction and later stability as well as good braking and cornering performance on rough and gravel terrains, even on ice and snow.

Magna MA09

Deep E4 tread pattern provides resistance to cutting, chipping and shock damage and enhances tyre life


All steel radial construction. Improved protector plies optimize load performance and operator comfort

Improved technology

New improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat build-up inside the tyre

Размер шины Рисунок Символ нагрузки TRA код Макс. скорость (км/ч) 
Индекс нагрузки и скорости
 Максимальное значение нагрузка/ давление при одинарной установке Обод 
Наружный диаметр Section width (mm) Глубина рисунка протектора Вес шины Тоннокилометр за час (т-км/ч)
 Тоннокилометр за час (т-км/ч)
 TKPH ST Тоннокилометр за час (т-км/ч)
 Тоннокилометр за час (т-км/ч)

30.00R51 MA09+ ** E4 50 230B 33500 kg/ 6.5 bar 22.00/4.5 2878 745 75 1840 456 536 588 643 744
36.00R51 MA09+ ** E4 50 241B 46250 kg/ 6.5 bar 26.00/5.0 3194 990 83 2640 631 740 814 888 1028

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