Tire Production process

Magna Tyres Group has been designing and manufacturing premium quality OTR tires since 2006 and attained a leading market position with the complete range of off-the-road tires for mining, construction, port handling, and recyling & waste. Our European technology, combined with extensive quality management,  quality policy, and continuous efforts in improving the product range by our R&D department enable Magna Tyres Group to deliver the premium quality products as requested by the highly demanding customers. Due to the unprecedented demand for our popular brand, we are constantly expanding the tire production capacity and since 2018 there has even been a local production in the Netherlands.

Magna China production

The high-tech Magna facilities are perfectly balanced between automation and manpower, to deliver the output and product quality that enabled Magna to become the fastest growing OTR company in the world. Production facilities are optimized for the production of high-performance off-the-road tires as requested by the highly competitive global market, and offer Magna customers the best cost price per hour performance available in the market.

Our top China production facilities have the expertise, the engineers, cutting edge technology and infrastructure to make quality products, and are doing so. We understand the importance of material selection, and that rigorous testing and tire output inspections are the key to produce products that meet a very high standard. 


Produced in Holland –  Magna Tyres Netherlands production

The combination of innovative European engineered technology and the Hardenberg/NL production ensures the premium quality manufacturing required to provide end users with the lowest cost per hour performance, for which Magna renowned. Moreover, the production is not subject to Chinese Anti-dump tariffs and therefore offers advantages to customers in specific countries such as America, Turkey and Brazil. As a result, the growth of the Magna brand will continue to increase in the coming years, strengthening its position as an industry leader & the fastest growing OTR company in the world.


Magna OTR tire production in Thailand for US market

Due to the increasing demand for OTR tires in America, we have further expanded our production capacity in Thailand. The combination of our innovative European engineered technology and local Thai production ensures the premium quality manufacturing requested by our American customers. These products are free from Chinese Anti-dump tariffs therefore we think that with our new tires we can massively increase our presence on American market also with new potential dealers.

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