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Industrial Handling tires

To enable operating machines on industrial work sites and to meet the requirements of safety and productivity, Magna Tyres developed a range of Industrial Handling tires. These tires are especially designed for though applications on slow vehicles with a high risk of cuts and damage.

These machines are often running in:

  • Recycling companies
  • Waste companies
  • Scrap yards
  • Slag steel mills
  • Glass works
  • Dumping sided
  • Loading fields

Our Magna Super Solid tires have a high loading capacity, are extremely stable, puncture resistant and maintenance-free, so they have a long service life. The reliable super solid tires are suitable for light- and heavy industrial equipment as loaders, dozers, forklift trucks, mobile excavators and skid-steers.

About Magna Tyres Group

Magna Tyres Group is a Dutch manufacturer of premium quality O­ff-The-Road (OTR), Industrial, Port Handling, Agriculture and Truck Tyres. As a fast growing company, Magna Tyres Group evolved from a specialist rubber compound producer to a leading tire manufacturer with 14 sales offices worldwide. The products of Magna Tyres are already running in more than 130 countries all over the world. The global presence of the brand continues to grow every year.

The company has almost four decades of experience in manufacturing and trading premium quality rubber compounds. From this experience, Magna Tyres Group started developing high quality tires, especially designed for challenging applications. The combination of innovative European engineered technology and in-dept knowledge Magna Tyres guarantees high standard products and services.

Industrial Handling Tires Brochure

Industrial Handling Tires Brochure
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