Total cost of ownership

Fleet operators all over the world have the same ongoing interest about their total cost of ownership and:

To increase their productivity and to reduce operating costs. 

Premium Quality Magna Tyres offer the optimal combination of tire performance and purchase price, leading to a low TCO and highly efficient operation.  TCO is not only determined by the initial purchase price, but also on expenses though tire maintenance, fuel consumption, downtime etc..

Tire Life and TCO

 Tire life and TCO is determined by several factors, as indicated in figure 1 

Site conditions

1. Firstly the conditions on a specific site play a decisive role in the total cost of ownership.  The air in tires is affected by ambient temperature. When it’s warm, the pressure is higher and when it’s cooler the pressure is lower. Cold weather means less tire pressure than hot weather. Also direct sun exposure plays a role. Those black tires in the hot sun absorb the heat, passing it on to the air inside, which can make a difference of up to 15%.


2. Obviously, one of the most important factors in achieving the best overall total cost of ownership is vehicle and tire maintenance. Always make sure to maintain the proper inflation pressure and check wear regularly. Make sure the vehicle doesn’t have defects that could influence tire life. 

Operating Machine

3. The operator is also very important in the use of the vehicle. Agressively steering, cornering and breaking reduces tire life and also the load should be distributeded evenly to achieve an optimal performance. 


4. The setup of a specific operation also determines how long a tire will last. Think of load, speed, design of the work cycle and tire selection to get the job done. 

Figure 1

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