29 April 2020

46/90R57 Magna MA04+ ensure profitable operation in Asian coal mine

Maintaining and replacing tyres are expensive, they represent potentially the top five cost for a miner, so selecting the right tyre for your operation is important to maximize the investment and get the longest life out of the tyre.

This mining company has opted for 46/90R57 Magna MA04+ tyres to secure its heavy mining operations and lead its giant dump truck though the daily severe conditions.

All axles of this Liebherr Rigid Dump trucks are equipped with durable Magna’s and charged with the heavy duty of transporting huge amounts of coal from the pit of the mine to the dump area without any downtime or failures.

Working steep inclines and carry heavy loads asks a lot of dump truck tyres, however the E4 profile on the tyre will be extremely suitable and provide excellent traction in the slippery and wet coal mine environment, leading to a profitable mine operation.

Magna MA04+ Giant

Rigid dump trucks are built to haul heavy loads over long distances on rough and rocky terrain. In these severe conditions, tyres have to offer good stability and traction even at high speeds.

The Magna MA04+ Giant has an E4-pattern that enables superior operation over wet ground and conformation over physical obstacles while avoiding pattern rupture. The tyres are cut - and tear-resistant, low heat generation and reinforced shoulders for improved stability.

  • Deep tread grooves provide cooler running tread for good site TKPH
  • E4 deep tread for longest tyre life
  • Reinforced diagonal centered block, for specific central payload distribution.
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