09 February 2023

We helped a new customer in Hong Kong with a last-minute shipment of Magna MA02 OTR tyres.

The customer is working on a tunneling project in Hong Kong and was in dire need of new tyres for various vehicles. The customer has a large selection of articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders and other mining equipment that all needed fresh rubber. Their previous supplier could not deliver on time so the likelihood that the project would come to a halt was therefore very high...

Magna Tyres maintains a large local stock in our warehouses across the globe, so fortunately our team at the Magna Tyres Singapore office could jump in and immediately send a shipment of our 29.5R25 MA02 mining tyres to keep the project going!

Why did the customer chose Magna Tyres?

We met with the customer at our stand at Bauma last October, where we discussed various reasons why Magna Tyres is the right partner for long-term collaboration. By coincidence, one of the talking points was how our short lines of communication and large local stock allows us to act quickly on last-minute requests.

While a conversation can be very promising, you need to be able to deliver on that promise when the time comes. It turned out that we could show what we are made of earlier than expected. Thanks to a team effort at Magna Tyres Singapore, the Magna MA02s arrived on time so the tunneling job could continue without any further setbacks and we gained another very satisfied new customer!

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