What is TKPH?

The TKPH stands for Tonne Kilometres per Hour and is an essential expression of the working capacity of a tyre. It represents the load capacity of a tyre in relation to heat generation. A Tyre's TKPH depends on its design and varies according to size, type and compound.

How is TKPH calculated?

TKPH values are given along with other Magna characteristics. It is a function of load of each tyre and the number of kilometres covered per hour by each type of tyre, and are given at an ambient temperature of 38C (100F).

Why is TKPH important?

Tyre selection is one of the most important factors for tyre life. Choosing the correct tyre specification with the most appropriate TKPH rating for site operations can significantly improve tyre life and reduce vehicle operational costs.

TKPH Example MA04+ Giant

Magna MA04+ Giant TKPH

There are five different TKPH Compound options, from A1 Cut to S Standard and B1 Heat.

Compound Comparison

TKPH Compound Comparison

The Magna MA04+ Giant is available in five different compounds.



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