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Did You Know We Have Our Own Tyre Press?

Did You Know We Have Our Own Tyre Press?

At our headquarters in the Netherlands and our sales offices in Poland, we have our own tyre press. With this press, we have the advantage of being able to replace worn-out tyres on rims with a brand new tyre!

A tyre press is a kind of equipment that uses hydrostatic pressure to assemble and disassemble wheels. We are proud to have this in-house, because it is a highly specialised job. We can now make things even easier for our customers and deliver even faster.

The press is suitable for solid tyres, that can be used in several applications such as off road or industrial. Solid tyres have few advantages over other OTR tyres. For instance, solid tyres cannot be punctured, even in the most rough circumstances. In addition, they can be used for heavy purposes, like processing sharp recycling materials, where radial or bias tyres are highly likely to be punctured. Solid tyres fit on all OEM rims, for all types of machines.

How does a tyre press work?

  1. First, we need a worn-out tyre on a rim that we can replace.
  2. Then the rim is pressed out with our press.
  3. This means we have loose rims now.
  4. Then, a new tyre is pressed onto the rim. As you can see below.
  5. And now we have brand new tyres with rims.


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