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    Quality & Production Process

Total Cost of Ownership

Fleet operators all over the world have the same ongoing interest about their total cost of ownership and: to increase their productivity and to reduce operating costs. 

Magna Tyres offers a quality tyre range with an optimal combination of tyre performance and purchase price, leading to a low TCO and highly efficient operation. TCO is not only determined by the initial purchase price, but also on expenses though tyre maintenance, fuel consumption, downtime etc..

Tyre life and total cost of ownership is determined by several factors, as indicated in figure 1.

Site conditions

1. Firstly the conditions on a specific site play a decisive role in the TCO.  The air in tyres is affected by ambient temperature. When it’s warm, the pressure is higher and when it’s cooler the pressure is lower. Cold weather means less tyre pressure than hot weather. Also direct sun exposure plays a role. Those black tyres in the hot sun absorb the heat, passing it on to the air inside, which can make a difference of up to 15%.


2. Obviously, one of the most important factors in achieving the best overall total cost of ownership is vehicle and tyre maintenance. Always make sure to maintain the proper inflation pressure and check wear regularly. Make sure the vehicle doesn’t have defects that could influence tyre life.

Operating Machine

3. The operator is also very important in the use of the vehicle. Aggressively steering, cornering and braking reduces tyre life and also the load should be distributed evenly to achieve an optimal performance.


4. The setup of a specific operation also determines how long a tyre will last. Think of load, speed, design of the work cycle and tyre selection to get the job done.

Product Development

Product development by our R&D department is constantly at the top of our priorities, by:

1) continuously improving our existing tyre range,

2) continuously converting customer demand into new successful tyres.

By using European technology and a premium quality compound our team is always able to come up with the right solutions our customers demand, and enabled us to become the fastest growing OTR company worldwide.

Every (1) product improvement or (2) new product starts with an idea on which our R&D department develops an architecture and design. This design is tested and afterwards prepared for release management. In this phase everyone who works with Magna Tyres products is informed, and is provided with product information, marketing and training. Afterwards the product is released and we start to collect data by testing and requesting feedback from end-users. This is a continuous process as we are continuously trying to improve our Tyre Range to guarantee the quality tyres Magna Tyres’ customers expect.

Quality Management

To offer Magna Tyres’ customers the quality they are used to, an extensive quality policy has been set up. Additionally, our Quality Management and control processes are extensively documented in order to continuously improve our products.

To achieve the desired quality we maintain a 6-step quality management approach.

  1. First we identify the requirements
  2. We design and develop a tyre which meets the requirements as defined in step 1
  3. The design gets validated by product development, R&D department and directors and we start working towards product launch
  4. Production starts
  5. The Tyre performance is constantly monitored by on site tests and collection of customer feedback
  6. This cycle is constantly repeated since we continuously want to improve

Quality Control Process

In order to continuously improve our Tyre Range we implemented a Quality Control process.

  1. First a quality improvement should be created, this can be done by either the sales department, R&D department or one of the directors. Customers are able to provide their input through their personal contact person;
  2. A Quality “order” is created containing all the information required to evaluate the performance;
  3. Our existing performance database is consulted;
  4. Non-conformances are quickly detected;
  5. Correlation of the non-conformance and improvement are investigated;
  6. If the improvement is accepted in the previous step, it gets documented and transferred to the stakeholders;
  7. Correction Handling is being carried out.

Tyre Production

Magna Tyres has been designing and manufacturing quality OTR tyres since 2006 and attained a leading market position with the complete range of off-the-road tyres for mining, construction, port handling, and recycling & waste. Our European technology, combined with extensive quality management, quality policy, and continuous efforts in improving the product range by our R&D department enable Magna Tyres to deliver the quality products as requested by the highly demanding customers. Due to the unprecedented demand for our popular brand, we are constantly expanding the tyre production capacity and since 2018 there has even been a local production in the Netherlands.

The high-tech Magna Tyres facilities are perfectly balanced between automation and manpower, to deliver the output and product quality that enabled Magna Tyres to become the fastest growing OTR company in the world. Production facilities are optimised for the production of high-performance off-the-road tyres as requested by the highly competitive global market, and offer Magna Tyres’ customers the best cost price per hour performance available in the market.

Our top China production facilities have the expertise, the engineers, cutting edge technology and infrastructure to make quality products, and are doing so. We understand the importance of material selection, and that rigorous testing and tyre output inspections are the key to produce products that meet a very high standard.

Expanding Production Facilities

Due to the increasing demand for OTR tyres in America, we have further expanded our production capacity in Thailand. The combination of our innovative European engineered technology and local Thai production ensures the quality manufacturing requested by our American customers. These products are free from Chinese Anti-dump tariffs therefore we think that with our new tyres we can massively increase our presence on the American market also with new potential dealers.


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