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Magna TPMS

Welcome to Magna TPMS, your trusted partner in Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. At the heart of our solution is a commitment to delivering unparalleled insights and operational efficiency for your fleet, setting the standard for precision, confidence, and always-on connectivity.

Magna TPMS is a tool that collects data on the machines’ usage over its lifespan. It is effectively a platform to track any vehicle in your fleet that is fitted with the system, providing valuable information into the state of not only a specific tyre, but of the vehicle (or complete fleet) in general.

Thanks to our innovative rechargeable power source, Magna TPMS operates 24/7, ensuring continuous monitoring even when the machine or vehicle power is switched off or isolated. This commitment to constant connectivity sets us apart, providing you with real-time insights into your fleet’s tyre performance and overall machine health.

Magna TPMS goes beyond traditional monitoring systems. It serves as a comprehensive platform, collecting data on machine usage throughout its lifespan. This enables you to track not only the status of individual tyres but also gain valuable insights into the overall condition of your machine or complete fleet.

Always Connected.

Forge an even stronger connection with your Magna tyres by seamlessly incorporating Magna TPMS into your fleet operations. Magna TPMS offers real time tyre pressure and temperature monitoring and alerts on moderate and extreme readings. Know what is happening in your fleet 24/7, even when the vehicle is unpowered. The system allows users to quickly act on situations in the field by identifying potential problems early on, or monitoring where any specific vehicle within the fleet is at any given time.

Magna TPMS is always connected by GPS and cellular network. Even when a vehicle loses satellite connection temporary in situations such as underground operations, the data is saved by the Gateway unit until the connection is restored again.

Receive automatic emails and notifications on mobile phone or smartwatch. With Magna TPMS, you stay up to date and remain in control of your entire fleet, no matter the size.

Benefits of

  • Extended Tyre Life

    When the tyre is inflated to the correct pressure, the tyre will last longer. It’s as simple as that. Monitoring this will prevent unnecessary wear thus making the tyre last longer.

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency

    Running the correct tyre pressure allows the tyre to roll as intended, therefore the tyre has to deal with the least amount of friction. That means the vehicle has to work less hard to move, resulting in a lower fuel consumption.

  • Asset Management & Security

    Whether it is to keep track on where a specific vehicle is at any given time during operation, or to be alerted if a vehicle is stolen, the location of every vehicle fitted with Magna TPMS is shared at all times and is transparent for everyone with access to the App or web portal, anywhere and anytime. Even when a vehicle is shut down, its location is shared.

  • Increased Safety

    Monitoring tyre pressure allows fleet managers to detect issues early on, ensuring operator safety and take preventive measures if required.

  • Reducing Downtime and Improved Efficiency

    TPMS allows the fleet manager to stay in control. Manage scheduled maintenance easier and be better prepared for unscheduled downtime by spotting potential problems early on, so the appropriate countermeasures can be undertaken.

  • Meeting Legal Requirements

    Highlighting potential problems and keep track of driven mileage & operating hours.

Always Easy to Install.

Our commitment to user convenience is evident in Magna TPMS’s ‘plug & play’ design. Universal compatibility with any brand or type of machine ensures a seamless installation process.

Simply connect the Magna Gateway to power, position the antennas, and place the sensors on the wheel valves. Magna TPMS was designed with easy assembly in mind, in order to ensure quick on-site installation, anywhere in the world. With the Magna Gateway, antennas, and on-valve sensors, you can have Magna TPMS up and running in under an hour per machine, without the need to remove tyres. Thanks to this universal installation method, the Magna TPMS is applicable on most machines such as wheel loaders, rigid dump trucks and articulated dump trucks. We provide the kits tailored to the vehicles you request and help you along every step of installation.

Cost Effective.

Magna TPMS empowers you to run a more cost-effective fleet. Adding Magna TPMS to your machines gives you access to all the insights you need to be a more cost-effective operation. Invaluable data such as real time tyre performance data, actual operating speeds & operating time, and machine health allow you to streamline every haul, every day, at any time.

Make adjustments where necessary to avoid giving risks a chance and keep your operators working safely. Magna TPMS gives you the tools to manage your fleet on-site or at a distance from anywhere in the world, no matter the size or location(s) of your fleet. Manage your operations with the press of a button and be alerted when your attention is needed. Magna TPMS gives you the time and ease of mind to focus on other matters that require your attention, without having to worry about your daily operations.

Magna TPMS is not just a system to monitor your fleet. It’s a tool that allows you to manage your assets better than you could ever do without. By acting on the provided insights, you can actively influence the usage of your assets including personnel, machines, tyres and fuel, resulting in a reduction of your total cost of ownership.

That is what Magna TPMS stands for above all other things: a tool to make your tasks easier, more cost-effective and ensuring a safer overall operation.

Contact your sales representative to discover the possibilities Magna TPMS can offer to your enterprise.

“Don’t just operate; operate with precision, operate with confidence, operate with Magna TPMS!”

Why Magna TPMS?

Magna TPMS has a few unique advantages. We built Magna TPMS from the ground up to be as versatile and efficient as possible. That means installation, maintenance, usability and stability were key features in the development process.

Installed in Less Than an Hour
A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System only works if it’s consistent, reliable and easy to use! On top of that, downtime is extremely costly. Magna TPMS had to be easy to install, so your machines can be back in service within an hour!

Universal Components for Universal Installation
The centre of Magna TPMS is the Gateway and simply needs to be connected to power and connected to the sensors, which makes it incredibly universal. The next essential part are the sensors, which are installed at the valve of the tyre and makes the sensors easy to access. Can you imagine installing your TPMS kit without having to remove all tyres? Now you can!

Removing the Valve Sensor for Inflating and Deflating? Of Course Not!
We designed a special T-Valve (included in the kit) add-on that essentially splits the single opening of the valve in two. This simple, yet quite brilliant solution allows you to mount the Magna TPMS valve sensor on one opening and inflating the tyre with the other. In other words, once installed you won’t have to remove the sensor for maintenance on the vehicle.

Always Connected, Even When Turned Off
The Magna Gateway has a built in battery that keeps the system running when the ignition of the machine is turned off and recharges when the machine is operating. Keep on reading the values no matter where or when, on the go on your phone or on your desktop. With Magna TPMS you’re always in control. No matter the size of your operation, Magna TPMS tracks any vehicle that runs the system, whether your fleet consists of a single or a thousand machines.

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