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    Construction Tyres

    Capable to perform on all types of worksites and other construction activities.

Construction Tyres

The Magna Tyres range of construction tyres has been designed to perform on every surface. We specialise in delivering top-quality tyre solutions that enhance productivity, durability, and safety on all kind of sites. With our comprehensive range, you can trust us to provide the perfect solution for your specific construction equipment.

These tyres are designed to deliver unparalleled performance in several applications. Whether it’s on rough terrains, muddy surfaces, or uneven ground, our tyres excel in providing exceptional traction and stability. With advanced tread patterns and specialised compounds, our tyres ensure optimal grip, improved manoeuvrability, and enhanced overall performance of your construction machinery.

Types of Machines

Whether you’re moving pallets within a warehouse, hauling sod for landscaping, or working at a demolition site, you have to fit the right tyres for the job. For all these machines to work at an optimum level, they need the right tyre. We offer tyres for the following machines:

Tyres for Construction Equipment

When it comes to construction applications, having the right tyres is crucial for performance, productivity, and safety. At Magna Tyres, our high-performance tyres offer unparalleled traction, durability, and reliability.

It is important that the tyres for your machine are able to cope with the conditions the machine and the tyres need to endure. That is why our tyre range varies from solutions for environments and tyre solutions for specific construction machines. When you have construction equipment in heavy-duty circumstances, our tyres are built robust so they are able to carry the heavy loads of the machine. In difficult conditions and on very aggressive or sandy terrain, the robustness of our tyres is essential for your optimal operation.

Explore our range and experience the power of our tyres in enhancing productivity and ensuring a safer construction site.