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    Skid Steer Loader Tyres

Skid Steer Loader Tyres

Skid steer loaders are the perfect fit for use in all kinds of applications on the most demanding surfaces. They are able to load, landscape and excavate. Therefore, the tyres for skid steer loaders must be able to cope with harsh conditions and heavy loads. Magna Tyres especially designed skid steer loader tyres that meet these requirements.

What is a Skid Steer Loader?

Skid steer loaders, also known as mini loaders, can be used for different kinds of applications. Mostly they are used for excavating, construction work and landscaping. The standard attachment for a skid steer loader is a bucket. However, this bucket can be replaced by a number of alternatives. This makes it possible for a skid steer loader to perform in different kinds of applications. In addition, this makes it the perfect use for heavy equipment and it offers very good off-road performance.

The skid steer gets its name from the way it turns. The angles of the wheels are fixed, so they will only point straight ahead. The wheels on each side of the vehicle are locked in synchronisation with each other and have their own engines. Due to the fact that the wheels are fixed, it is not possible to steer by angling the wheels in a different direction. This requires a lot of experience to operate skid steer loaders.

Skid Steer Applications

Skid steers are mostly used to travel over short distances on paved roads and hard and aggressive surfaces. They can be classified into different categories. Within construction applications, small skid steer loaders can be used for manoeuvring in tight spaces. These machines load or move aside dirt, debris, logs, asphalt and other materials to clean the surface.

In addition, there are medium-sized skid steer loaders, which can be used in many other areas where small loaders are not suitable to complete the work. They are often used when there is no space for large backhoe loaders or wheeled excavators.

Selecting Skid Steer Loader Tyres

Our skid steer loader tyres are designed with a sturdy construction for providing excellent stability and safety. We offer several sizes of skid steer tyres. In addition, the unique tread design ensures great cut- and puncture-resistance. These skid steer tyres are able to operate in harsh conditions and can be heavily loaded. We also offer mini loader tyres that consist of an all cross ply construction. This improves load performance and operator comfort. Contact us to find the perfect fit for your wishes.