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    Radial Tyres

What are Radial Tyres?

Radial tyres represent a modern and widely adopted advancement in tyre construction, distinguishing themselves from traditional bias-ply tyres. The defining feature of radial tyres is the arrangement of their internal components. Unlike bias tyres, radial tyres have reinforcing cords that run at a 90 degree angle to the tyre’s centreline, extending radially from the inner hub to the outer tread.

Radial Tyre Construction

Two of the standout qualities of radial tyres, or radial ply tyres, are their exceptional road handling and traction. The radial construction minimises tyre distortion during motion, allowing for improved grip on the road. This design contributes to enhanced stability, precise steering response and superior control, particularly during cornering and braking manoeuvres. Radial tyres also excel in reducing rolling resistance, which translates into better fuel efficiency. The construction minimises flexing in the sidewalls and tread, resulting in smoother movement and less energy loss.

Durability and longer tread life are additional strengths of radial tyres. The inclusion of steel belts beneath the tread and the radial orientation of the cords contribute to a more robust tyre structure, providing increased resistance to wear and tear. This longevity enhances the overall cost-effectiveness of radial tyres over their lifespan. The radial design is also known for its comfort benefits. Radial tyres absorb road irregularities and vibrations more effectively than bias-ply tyres, leading to a smoother and more comfortable ride. The radial tubeless tyre variation further optimises this technology by eliminating the need for an inner tube, reducing the risk of sudden deflations and ensuring a safer driving experience.

Investing in radial tyres guarantees not just better performance but also increased safety on the roads. The improved grip, stability and handling characteristics reduce the risk of skidding and enhance overall safety on the road. This has contributed significantly to the widespread adoption of radial tyres in various types of vehicles, from compact cars to heavy duty trucks.

The use of Radial Ply Tyres

Radial tyres are used for a variety of machines. They are deployed in most industries, from truck and agricultural machines to mining & earthmoving and other OTR equipment. You can find our radial tyres on these types of machines, among others: