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    Ground Support Equipment Tyres

Ground Support Equipment Tyres

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is essential for efficient airport operations. Our ground support equipment tyres, used on machines within this category, are specifically designed to meet the demands of aviation environments.

Machines Used in Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) refers to a wide range of specialised vehicles, machines, and equipment used at airports, military bases, and other facilities to support the operations of aircrafts on the ground. GSE plays a crucial role in various activities, such as aircraft maintenance, passenger and cargo handling, refuelling, towing and more.

Some examples of GSE are mentioned below:

  • Aircraft Tugs/Pushback Tractors: used to push back aircrafts from their gates to get ready for departure.
  • Baggage Trucks and Cargo Loaders: used to load and unload baggage, cargo containers and pallets onto and from aircraft holds.
  • Aircraft Stairs and Ambulifts: provides passengers with access to and from aircraft cabins.
  • Aircraft Fuel Trucks: equipped with fuel tanks and hoses for refuelling aircrafts.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Lifts: used by maintenance crews to access different parts of the aircraft.
  • Aircraft Catering Truck: used to load and unload food for passengers onto and from the aircraft.
  • Ground Power Units (GPU): supply electrical power to a parked aircraft, allowing it to operate systems without running engines.
  • Aircraft Lavatory Trucks and Water Service Trucks: provides aircrafts with potable water and removes waste from lavatories.
  • Airport Sweeper: used for keeping airport runways and other areas clear and safe.
  • Crash Tender: is mainly deployed at airports to combat the consequences of aircraft accidents.

Tyres for GSE Machines

Our ground support equipment tyres are specially designed to handle the unique demands of aviation environments. We equipped our tyres with a high load bearing capacity and to perform in various weather conditions. This also means that our tyres are made with durable materials to resist punctures and wear.

Furthermore, our tyres are designed to provide traction on tarmac, concrete and other surfaces commonly found at airports. With its low rolling resistance, our tyres also contribute to fuel efficiency and reduced operational costs for your airport operations.

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