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    Port & Terminal Tyres

    Designed for the most severe applications to handle heavy loads at high speeds.

Port Tyres & Terminal Tyres

Port and terminal machines are expected to work hard in handling freights and goods every day. Ports and terminals require specialised tyres to support the various operations and handling of cargo, including loading and unloading of shipping containers, transportation within the port area, and manoeuvring in tight spaces. Magna Tyres has terminal tyres and port tyres for many machines, which are especially designed for the most demanding conditions.

Types of Machines

The machines for ports and terminals need to carry heavy weights, often more than indicated. Container handlers, for instance, must be able to cope with the extreme height reach of their loading masts. This creates a heavy load on the front axle. The rear tyres also come under pressure, as they have to ensure vehicle stability. The complexity of all vehicles in this category and their extremely heavy loads require extremely robust tyres. We offer tyre solutions for the following machines:

Requirements for Port and Terminal Tyres

Material handling hubs and harbours are a special environment where wear resistance and cost-effectiveness are the key elements of a tyre. To meet the special requirements of port and terminal tyres, the Magna Tyres portfolio is especially designed for:

  • Travelling over relatively short distances.
  • Travelling back and forth to load or unload ships as quickly as possible.
  • Making a lot of return trips over rough surfaces.

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