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    Material Handler Tyres

Material Handler Tyres

In the waste and recycling industry, material handlers are often used for handling large amounts of waste materials. Magna Tyres provides specialised material handling tyres that withstand the harsh operating conditions. Our tyres provide excellent traction and stability for the required tasks.

What are Material Handlers?

Material handlers are part of material handling equipment. These machines are used for handling and moving a variety of materials in industrial, construction and recycling settings. They perform tasks such as loading and unloading trucks, sorting and separating materials, and transporting materials from one location to another. For specific needs of deployed applications, different types of material handlers can be used.

Choosing Material Handler Tyres

Our material handler tyres are designed to provide maximum performance and durability. With our specialised tyres, we minimise your downtime and maintenance costs.

For optimal performance in the waste and recycling industry, we also added solid tyres to this tyre range. These tyres offer high levels of resistance to work where punctures and cuts are common threats. They are also very stable and resistant to wear and tear.

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