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    Material Handler Tires

Material Handler Tires

In the demanding sectors of waste management and recycling, material handlers play a crucial role in managing significant volumes of materials. Magna Tyres offers specialized tires for material handlers, engineered to endure the rigors of such environments. These tires ensure superior traction and stability for the task at hand.

Understanding Material Handlers

Material handlers are integral to material handling operations, utilized across industrial, construction and recycling domains. They facilitate various tasks, including but not limited to, loading and unloading vehicles, sorting materials, and transferring items between locations. Depending on the specific requirements of their application, different models of material handlers may be deployed.

Selecting Tires for Material Handler

We’ve crafted our material handler tires to maximize both performance and longevity, aiming to reduce both your downtime and maintenance expenses.

Recognizing the challenges present in waste and recycling applications, we’ve incorporated solid tires into our lineup. These tires are exceptionally resistant to punctures and cuts, which are frequent in such settings. Additionally, they boast significant durability and stability, enhancing wear resistance.

Contact us to discover the ideal tire solution tailored to your material handling needs.