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    Magna Tyres Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the personal data collected or generated (processed) when you use the Magna Tyres Website, Apps and/or interact with our organization. It also explains how your personal data is used, shared and protected, what choices you have relating to your personal data and how you can contact us.

What is processing Personal Data?

Personal Data – These are data that say something about you as a person, directly or indirectly. Think of your name and address. This does not apply to the data of a legal entity such as a BV or NV. Information from the contact person or representative of a legal person is.

Processing – Everything that can be done with your personal data. For example, collecting, storing, using, passing on and deleting your data.

From whom do we process Personal Data?

We process personal data from persons we:

  • have a current business relationship with,
  • had a previous business relationship with,
  • would like to have a future business relationship with,
  • or are in direct or indirect contact with.

Who is responsible for the processing of your Personal Data?

Magna Tyres Group | De Kroonweg 12 | 5145 NH, Waalwijk | Contact: info@magnatyres.com

What Personal Data do we collect and when?

We ask you for certain personal data to provide you with the products or services you request. For example, when you make purchases, contact our customer services, request to receive communications, participate in our events or contests, or use our Sites or Apps. This personal data can include your:

  • general company information including company name, address, e-mail, phone number, billing address, shipping address, country,
  • personal contact details including name, email, telephone number, country;
  • personal details including gender, hometown, date of birth and purchase history;
  • payment or credit card information;
  • personal preferences regarding your tire demand
  • E-mails that were sent to us
  • Details of the Chamber of Commerce, Credit Registration
  • Information we receive from companies to whom you have given permission to share data with
  • Information we provide to other parties in order to cooperate – example is our marketing agency – for which of course we have taken the measure to sign a processing agreement

When interacting with our Sites and Apps, certain data is automatically collected from your device or web browser. More information about these practices is included in the “Cookies” section of this privacy policy below.  This data includes:

  • Device IDs, call state, network access, storage information and battery information; and
  • Cookies, IP addresses, referrer headers, data identifying your web browser and version, and web beacons and tags.

How do we obtain Personal Data?

Your personal data is mainly collected because it was provided by yourself. For example, when you place a request at our contact or download form on our website, when you subscribe to our newsletter, when you send an email, place a request by phone or are in contact with one of our Sales Managers in person. We can also receive your data from group entities within the Magna Tyres Group.

We can also receive data from others. For example from suppliers or other parties we work with. We can also use public sources such as public registers, newspapers and the internet. Sometimes we receive data because you have given permission to another party to share information with us.

Why and how do we use your Personal Data?

We use your personal data to deliver a high quality service to our customers. We process your data for the following purposes.

A) To be able to enter into a relationship and agreement with you

If you want to become a customer with us, or if you are already a customer and want to take out a new product, or contact us, we need your personal data and we have to process it. For example, we need to do research to assess whether we can accept you as a customer. We have to identify your identity and fulfil our legal obligations for almost all our products.

B) To execute agreements and assignments

If you are a customer with us, we are happy to be of service and we process the received orders and concluded agreements. This is what we agreed with you, and why we process the personal data.

C) For the security and integrity of both you and our own company

D)For the development and improvement of products and services

In order to be of good service and to be able to innovate, we constantly develop and improve products and services. We do this for ourselves, our customers or other parties. This includes the combination of various data sources to be able to advise you, to improve our products and tire range, but also to give you the best website performance possible.

E) For relationship management, promotion and marketing purposes

We process your personal data for relationship management, promotion and marketing. We use data that we have from you, such as payment details and click behavior on our website. But also from data not obtained directly from you, such as public registers (think of the Chamber of Commerce), public sources (think of the internet) and other parties. We may use your information to inform you about a product that may be of interest to you.

F) To enter into and execute agreements with suppliers and other parties with whom we cooperate

There are various companies with whom we are working together to provide you with the best service possible. Examples are our marketing agency who is developing customer specific marketing materials, or our newsletter software which contains customer email addresses, and our ERP/CRM software on which our service is based upon.

G) To meet legal obligations

We must comply with various regulations such as keeping an administration.

H) For the execution of business processes, management reports and internal management

As a service provider we find it important and it is necessary that we have a good overview of our customer relations. We need to know our customers to provide the best service possible. This also means that we know who you are working with. We also process data for this.

For how long do we share your personal Data?

We do not store your data longer than we need it for the purposes for which we collected it or the purposes for which we reuse it. We use a retention policy. It has been determined how long we store data. This is in the Netherlands in most cases 7 years after the end of the contract or your relationship.

Who is able to access the personal data within Magna Tyres Group?

Only people who need personal data in the execution of their job have access. All these persons have a duty of confidentiality signed within their contracts.

Do we also use personal data for other purposes?

No, your data is only processed for the purposes described within this privacy policy.

What rights can you revoke?

A) Right to information

With this Privacy Statement we inform you about what we do with your data. Sometimes we have to take additional steps, which are not covered within this statement. If this is the case, you have the right to information which means we will directly contact you.

B) Right of access and rectification

You can ask us if and which data we process from you. If that is the case, we can show you the data that we have processed from you. Do you think that your personal data has been processed incorrectly or incompletely? Then you can ask us to change or supplement the data (rectification). Please contact privacy@magnatyresgroup.com.

C) Right to data change

You can ask us to change or delete data that we have recorded from you. For example if you object to the processing of your data. Please contact privacy@magnatyresgroup.com.

D) Right to restriction

You can ask us to limit the personal data that we process from you. This means that we process less data from you. Please contact privacy@magnatyresgroup.com.

E) Right to data portability

You have the right to ask us to obtain or transfer data that you have provided to us in a structured and machine-readable form to yourself or another party. Please contact privacy@magnatyresgroup.com.

F) Right of objection against processing of data

You can always object against the data we are collecting. We then make a new assessment to determine whether your data may indeed no longer be used for it. We discontinue processing if your interest outweighs our interest. Please contact privacy@magnatyresgroup.com.

G) Right of objection against direct marketing

You have the right to ask us to no longer use your data for direct marketing. It is possible that your objection only relates to an approach via a specific channel. For example, if you want to stay informed via the newsletter, but do not want to be contacted by phone anymore. We then ensure that you are no longer contacted via that channel.

You can use the mentioned rights by submitting a request to us. Have you made a request to us? Then we will respond within one month after we have received the request. Please contact privacy@magnatyresgroup.com.

Question or complaint

Please contact privacy@magnatyresgroup.com.