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    Port & Terminal Tires

    Designed for the most severe applications to handle heavy loads at high speeds.

Port Tires & Terminal Tires

Port and terminal operations demand rigorous work from machinery in the freight and cargo handling process every day. These environments necessitate specialized tires to efficiently manage operations such as the loading and unloading of shipping containers, on-site transportation, and navigation in confined areas. Magna Tyres provides a selection of port and terminal tires designed to withstand the most challenging conditions for a wide array of machinery.

Machine-Specific Tires

Machinery used in ports and terminals is required to handle loads often exceeding standard limits. For example, container handlers must manage the substantial weight placed on the front axle due to the extensive reach of their loading masts. Similarly, the stability of these vehicles depends on the rear tires, which bear significant pressure. Given the complexity of these vehicles and their heavy-duty tasks, only the most durable tires will do. Our tire solutions cater to:

Port and Terminal Tire Requirements

Ports and terminals, as critical material handling hubs, require tires that offer both wear resistance and cost-efficiency. Magna Tyres’ lineup is meticulously designed to fulfill these unique needs, with tires built for:

  • Short distance travel.
  • Rapid back-and-forth movements for efficient ship loading and unloading.
  • Frequent round trips over abrasive surfaces.

Explore our comprehensive tire range to find the ideal solution tailored to your specific port and terminal machinery needs.