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    Rubber Tired Gantry Crane Tires

Tires for a Rubber Tired Gantry Crane

Rubber tired gantry cranes (RTG cranes) encounter significant challenges due to the substantial weights they handle. The tires beneath these cranes must withstand extreme loads during container loading and unloading processes. Magna Tyres provides a selection of rubber tires for gantry cranes, featuring a unique tread compound designed for the most strenuous applications.

Understanding Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes

A rubber tired gantry crane, or transtainer, is a hefty machine utilized for loading and unloading containers in outdoor settings like shipping and container yards. These cranes are also used for managing large and heavy objects such as boats and yachts. The capability to support the crane’s own weight plus the load’s weight is critical.

Tire mounted gantry cranes are designed to execute on-site rotations up to 90 degrees and move diagonally at angles of 20 and 45 degrees. The crane itself remains stationary while only the tires rotate. Given their limited movement and low speeds, the tires face significant stress. Therefore, the tires must offer substantial carrying capacity and demonstrate high wear resistance. RTG crane tires often remain stationary for extended periods.

RTG Crane Tires

Magna Tyres has specifically engineered RTG crane tires with a specialized tread compound to prevent tread cracks, making them ideal for port equipment. This wear-resistant compound provides a high load capacity. Moreover, the nylon carcass is crafted to support extreme weights in demanding applications. Contact us for further details on our crane tire offerings.