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  • Sizes:
    14.00-24 TT 14.00-24 TL
  • Category:
    Port & Terminal
  • Tire Type:
  • Machines:
  • Robust carcass for durability, extended wear, and comfort
  • Superior heat dissipation and traction
  • Enhanced tread life with exceptional cut resistance

Technical Data

  • Size 14.00-24 TT 14.00-24 TL
  • TRA Code IND-3 IND-3
  • L/S Index - -
  • Ply Rating 28 28
  • Rim 10 10
  • T.D. (32") 38 38


The Magna MB300+ tire is built with a robust carcass structure, making it perfectly suited for the demanding conditions of port mechanical vehicles under heavy torque and load. Its centerline section is engineered to provide extended wear and a smooth riding experience, while also minimizing heat generation and maximizing comfort for the operator.

Featuring outstanding heat dissipation and traction, the Magna MB300+ is crafted with a unique compound for its non-directional pattern, enhancing the tire’s original tread life and providing superior cut resistance and protection against overheating. The design of the tread further enhances traction and overall performance.

Always consult with your sales manager to verify the availability of specific tire sizes in your area.

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