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    Mobile Crane Tires

    Ultimate comfort and durability in both highway and off-road crane applications.

Mobile Crane Tires

Mobile cranes play a crucial role in lifting, lowering, and transporting heavy loads across various distances. For such operations, mobile crane tires must exhibit exceptional load capacity and stability. Magna Tyres has engineered crane tires optimized for superior comfort and longevity, suitable for both highway and off-road crane applications.

Mobile Crane Operations

Mobile cranes are versatile, often utilized in construction or industrial settings to handle and transport hefty loads. Their mobility is a significant advantage, as they are not anchored to a single location. Mobile cranes excel in fast-paced operations, such as those on highways, and are categorized into rough terrain cranes and all-terrain cranes for challenging off-road conditions.

Combining fundamental mechanics, mobile cranes efficiently lift and move objects both vertically and horizontally. Their mobility ensures a cost-effective solution for numerous construction endeavors. The crane’s mast, anchored by a substantial base, balances the load at elevated heights. A slewing unit at the mast’s peak, equipped with a gear and motor, enables the crane to rotate and maneuver smoothly, even at high speeds.

Optimized Tires for Mobile Cranes

Magna Tyres’ commitment to excellence is evident through years of research and testing, resulting in top-tier tires that fulfill all operational requirements. Our specially formulated compound and tread pattern deliver:

  • Extended tire life
  • Enhanced traction
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved stability
  • Increased speed durability
  • Greater heat resistance

Our mobile crane tires are designed to handle extreme weights and heights, ensuring load capacity and stability. With Magna Tyres’ mobile crane tires, you can expect maximum stability and even load distribution across all operations.

Contact us for more details about our tire solutions and how they can support your mobile crane needs.