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    Solid Tires

    These tires are able to handle heavy loads, operate in rugged environments and withstand the unique challenges of all applications.

Solid Tires

The solid industry, which includes sectors such as waste management, recycling, and material handling, requires specialized tires. They need to handle heavy loads, operate in rugged environments and withstand the unique challenges of these applications. Magna Tyres specially designed solid tires that meet all the requirements.

Types of Machines

For various sectors using solid rubber tires, we offer the best tire solutions. Here is a summary of some of the machines we provide tires for:

We also offer tire solutions for various waste management vehicles, such as garbage trucks and recycling collection trucks, and many other applications. Also, for mobile excavators we especially designed a twin wheel which enhances better traction on softer surfaces. It is the ideal solution for machines working in industrial situations.

Using Industrial Solid Tyres

Solid tires, also known as press-on tires, are commonly used in the solid industry. They are made of solid rubber and do not require air pressure, making them puncture-proof and resistant to running flat. These tires operate on sites where any kind of liquid tends to spill on the floor. Even exposure to water will subject a tire to more wear than a dry site. Scrap metal and debris also form a risk. These materials can puncture and tear the tread and sidewalls. With this knowledge, we engineered our solid tire range that meets all the requirements of safety and productivity.

Furthermore, they offer stability, durability, and strong traction, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. These applications require strong industrial solid tires that can handle the weight of heavy loads, rough terrains, sharp objects and abrasive materials. Therefore, we provide our tires with a reinforced sidewall and a cut-resistant compound.

With a long tire life, optimal stability and many other benefits not mentioned before, we provide the best tire solution for your request. Find out more advantages by viewing our tire range.

Introducing Magna TPMS!

Magna Tyres proudly announces Magna TPMS, a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System that provides real-time insight into tyre performance on your fleet, no matter where you are in the world. Read more on the Magna TPMS page.