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    Solid Tires

    Equipped to manage heavy loads, function in harsh conditions, and overcome the distinct challenges of various applications.

Solid Tires

Industries such as waste management, recycling, and material handling demand tires tailored for their unique challenges. These sectors require tires capable of supporting heavy loads, enduring rugged environments, and withstanding the demands of their specific applications. Magna Tyres offers meticulously engineered solid tires to meet these comprehensive needs.

Machine-Specific Tires

We deliver optimal tire solutions for a wide array of machinery equipped with solid rubber tires across various sectors:

Our lineup also includes tire solutions for waste management vehicles like garbage trucks and recycling collection vehicles, among others. For mobile excavators, we’ve developed a specialized twin wheel setup that improves traction on softer surfaces, perfect for industrial applications.

Benefits of Using Solid Rubber Tires

Solid tires, also known as press-on tires, are essential in the solid industry for their durability and puncture-proof nature. Made from solid rubber, these tires eliminate the need for air, thereby removing the risk of flats. They are ideal for environments prone to liquid spills, water exposure, and sites littered with scrap metal and debris that can damage the tread and sidewalls. Our solid tire range is crafted with these considerations in mind, ensuring safety and efficiency.

These tires provide stability, longevity, and excellent traction, suitable for the heavy-duty demands of industrial applications. To support the weight of heavy loads, navigate rough terrains, and resist sharp or abrasive materials, our tires feature a reinforced sidewall and a cut-resistant compound.

Offering long tire life, unparalleled stability, and numerous other advantages, our solid tires are the perfect choice for industrial needs. Discover more benefits by exploring our tire range.